First delivery of the year for the PIRIOU Shipyard: the ‘SURFER 3601’  


The ‘Surfer 3601’ is the first of a series of two 36m crew-boats ordered by BOURBON from the PIRIOU Shipyard in Concarneau. As for the crew-boats previously delivered, this unit is designed to transport personnel to offshore platforms. It is, however, a new generation crew-boat, which stands out due to its technical features related to travelling to sea zones far out to sea. The accent was put on passenger comfort (sound-proofed cabin with maximum vibration reduction), speed, optimised by a new hull shape (up to 44 knots) and a very long range of 500 nautical miles.  


The Surfer 3601 is designed to transfer personnel between Angolan ports and certain offshore platforms located far out to sea, trips usually performed by helicopters.