Programme of five 90m new-generation purse seiner tuna boats for SAPMER 


SEAS, PIRIOU's Vietnamese subsidiary is preparing the delivery of the fourth vessel, the ‘DOLOMIEU". This tuna boat was christened on 22 March 2012 at the Nha Be site in Hô Chi Minh City. 


In 2007, PIRIOU won an order from SAPMER for three 90m freezer-tuna boats for producing tuna with high added value. The ‘Franche Terre’, the first vessel in the programme, was delivered by PIRIOU in Concarneau (29) in May 2009, followed by the second and third tuna boats, the ‘Manapany’ and the ‘Bernica’, built and delivered in Vietnam in 2010. 


The construction of the three tuna boats, shared between France and Vietnam, is part of the group's strategic development policy and provides the best response to the challenges involved in the project. In 2010, the construction of two extra vessels was added to the Vietnam shipyards work schedule. The fifth vessel is also scheduled for delivery in 2012.