PIRIOU, the deliveries go on and on…  


PIRIOU has just handed the helm of ‘L’Estuaire’ to the Conseil General de la Gironde who took delivery in the second half of October.  


This double-ended 78 m long 18.50m beam RORO will be in service on the Port Bloc - Pointe de Grave (Gironde) and Royan (Charente Maritime) crossings at the Gironde estuary mouth where passenger numbers are continuously on the rise.  

 It will accommodate 600 passengers and transport 146 cars or 6 trucks and 92 light vehicles.  


‘L’Estuaire’ is the first ‘general public’ passenger ship ever built by PIRIOU, and represents a major diversification both in terms of industry sector and ship size. It symbolises a new facet of the Finistere based shipbuilding and repair group's skills.