Naming Ceremony of the 'Manapany' in Hô Chi Minh-Ville


In 2007, PIRIOU won an order from SAPMER for three 90m freezer-tuna boats for producing tuna with high added value.  


After the delivery by PIRIOU of the "Franche Terre" in Concarneau (29) in June 2009, first vessel in the programme, SEAS, PIRIOU's Vietnamese subsidiary, has just delivered the second vessel to SAPMER, the "Manapany". This tuna boat has been christened on 15 May 2010 at the Nha Be site in Hô Chi Minh City.  


The "Manapany" tuna boat is a complex ship, equipped with an innovative system designed to freeze and conserve tuna at - 40°C (-17°C on traditional tuna boats). This process provides a very significant improvement in the quality of the finish, and therefore its value.  


The propulsion is diesel and electric rather than conventional, the shaftline and propeller are driven by two electric motors. This system provides flexible energy management, simplified maintenance and 15% fuel economies.  


 With the order of these three state of the art tuna boats, SAPMER has vessels that respect environmental rules even more closely.


Baptême thonier Manapany- Vietnam mai 2010 -Oceanfanatics