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“Thanks to fifty years’ experience in designing and building workboats, PIRIOU is today bringing its expertise to ship-owners who want to sail great distances in complete freedom, comfort and security, or simply benefit from logistical support when cruising.

Our sea proven ‘Navires de Voyage ®’ of which 77 m ’M/V YERSIN’ is the forerunner, combine robustness and autonomy in the tradition of oceanographic vessels with comfort and style of mega yachts, while strictly complying with environmental standards.

The trendy design of our Yacht Support Vessels should not hide their characteristics which are based on our long history in building high demanding vessels. While carrying your toys and creating additional space on the main yacht, our YSVs have been designed so that logistic operations on-board are optimized and safe for the crew. Customizable, the YSV by PIRIOU is dedicated to comfort and peace of mind while sailing.

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