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Our sea proven ‘Navires de Voyage ®’ of which 77 m ’M/V YERSIN’ is the forerunner, combine robustness and autonomy in the tradition of oceanographic vessels with comfort and style of mega yachts, while strictly complying with environmental standards.

After two test campaigns in 2015 and 2016, in hot and ice zones, Yersin is now the support platform of Monaco Explorations and departed from Port Hercules in Monaco in July 2017 for a 3 years circuum navigation. The vessel will navigate during three years the globe with the Monaco Explorations team alongside scientific and media teams, and will visit approximately nine areas to conduct scientific research in remote locations on the sea.

The trendy design of our Yacht Support Vessels should not hide their characteristics which are based on our long history in building high demanding vessels. Our YSVs have been designed so that logistic operations on-board are optimized and safe for the crew. Customizable, the YSV by PIRIOU is dedicated to comfort and peace of mind while sailing.

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