A word from our President :

                      A word from our President :

Concarneau is a port, but also a fortified city with 1000 years of history, 1000 years of peaceful coexistence between seafarers, land-dwellers and builders. Concarneau has lived for and from the sea for centuries. People have been building boats here for over 500 years.


At PIRIOU, we work to build the future without forgetting the past. We have roots, but we also have wings. Our development has been made possible by our commitment to certain core values:


            • Proximity, reflecting the sense of solidarity among seafarers.
            • Commitment, how much we value hard work.
            • Audacity, the freedom of spirit inherited from our founders.


At PIRIOU, we have “roots”: Our ancestors built this walled city to defend themselves and protect their future. Nowadays we are preparing our  harbour sites and our company for the economic realities of the future, training our people and restructuring our Group, as well as building our own infrastructure specifically designed for marine construction and repairs.


Times change, but our objectives and values remain.


At PIRIOU, we have “wings”: For nearly 30 years we have been expanding around the globe, to make sure we are in close proximity when our clients need us. Tahiti in 1990 to develop fishing activities in the territory, Mauritius in 2000 to provide services to tuna fishing partners, Nigeria in 2007 for Oil & Gas, Vietnam in 2009 in order to offer more attractive industrial solutions… Our current strategy is to open two new locations every year over the next five years.


Times change, but our strategy and commitment remain.


The greatest challenge facing the PIRIOU Group over the next decade will be to adapt to the future without forgetting the past, planning ahead to avoid being left behind.

As far as I’m concerned, I’m just a simple land-dweller at the service of seafarers.

Even land-dwellers need a port they can call home. Mine is CONCARNEAU, mine is PIRIOU.


Vincent FAUJOUR     

President of the PIRIOU group