Ship repair

Our commitment

We maintain, repair and transform your vessels in order to boost, adapt and guarantee their performance, helping you to keep your own customers satisfied.

Wherever you may be in the world, we’ll always be there for you: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we’re on hand to find solutions to your problems, and ensure the availability of your ships.


A comprehensive service

From every day running repairs to scheduled technical interventions, we’ll be there when you need us. All of our shipyards share the same high quality and safety standards, and the same commitment to great service.

  • A wide-ranging portfolio of expertise and technical capacities: diesel mechanics, sheet metal work, pipe work, welding, painting, carpentry, electricity, electronics, IT, air conditioning, general mechanics, hydraulics...
  • A central engineering team providing permanent support for all sites: studies, purchasing, insurance, logistics etc.
  • Teams of “flying” technicians who can be dispatched immediately for emergency repairs anywhere in the world.

ISS: guaranteeing availability

With our ISS (in-service support) services, we commit to a multi-annual target which goes above and beyond standard marine repair operations, covering all of the time and costs involved in keeping your fleet operational through preventive, curative maintenance;

ILS: guaranteeing maintainability

Always going the extra mile to maximise the availability of your vessels, while keeping overall ownership costs under control, our teams take the constraints of in-service support into account in the design phase in order to provide coherent integrated logistical support (ILS) solutions.

  • Ship manuals and technical documentation,
  • maintenance plans and files,
  • lists and batches of spare parts and components,
  • tools,
  • logistical databases etc.

Refitting: a whole new life for your vessel

A compromise solution sitting somewhere between construction and repair, a refit requires complex operations and substantial resources in order to give your ship a new lease of life. A few examples of past refits

  • Comprehensive refit of the Rais Bargach patrol vessel for the Moroccan Royal Navy
  • Mid-life modernisation of IFREMER’s oceanographic research vessel Thalassa.

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Wholesale and spare parts

Because securing the right spare part can be of critical importance in the life cycle of your vessel, we serve as your direct connection to leading suppliers as well as niche specialists alike. Thanks to our dedicated logistic infrastructure, we can rapidly ship spares all over the world.


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Bespoke training

Because on-board technologies are increasingly complex and varied, and because mastering these technologies is a critical factor in the success of maritime missions, we provide training for our clients’ crews and technical teams. Focusing on how to get the most out of on-board systems and equipment, the theoretical side of this training takes place at our production sites, followed by on-board practical training.

Navigation training

In response to the growing demand for maritime training, PIRIOU and DCI have joined forces to create navOcéan. Aboard the Almak, a ship built and operated by PIRIOU,

  • Navigation training in coastal waters and on the high seas
  • Operational and practical training for special forces and diving teams

All of our training courses are accredited by the French navy.

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