From design to delivery

We build ships in steel, aluminium and composite materials, with construction handled by our sites in France, Africa and Asia. Whether you’re operating in the public, private, civilian or military sector, running a single vessel or a large fleet, we can help.

We approach each and every project with the same commitment: delivering quality vessels on time and on budget.

Tailored to your needs

We work hard to understand your precise requirements, creating bespoke offers which may be adapted from our existing catalogue or else designed from scratch to meet your unique, specific criteria.

Expert advice every step of the way

Our design specialists, sometimes working in partnership with independent naval architects, work closely with you from the design phase onwards, ensuring that your vessels correspond precisely to your needs as well as complying with the ever-evolving regulatory requirements.

Naval engineering & design

  • Studies: preliminary studies, design concepts, naval architecture, general and detailed studies.
  • Purchasing: procuring materials for construction or repairs.
  • Logistics: integrated logistical support, technical assistance, training etc.

Helping you to finance your projects

In an increasingly complex financial environment, we can help you to find and secure the financial backing your need.