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Our DNA: made-to-measure services

As an all-round naval specialist, we build and repair all types of vessels up to 120 metres in length, thanks to our in-house design teams and production facilities in Europe, Africa and Asia.


Global services

For more than 50 years, our 1000 employees have been providing a comprehensive range of solutions for our clients:

  • Naval engineering & design
  • Shipbuilding
  • Maintenance and repairs
  • Refits
  • Integrated logistical support
  • In-service support (ISS)
  • Technical assistance.
  • Provision of Spare parts
  • Training for crews and technical teams

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With half a century of experience and continuous growth , PIRIOU is one of the foremost specialists in the construction and repair of mid-size vessels.

Between 1965 and the late 1980s, PIRIOU forged a solid reputation in the construction and repair of fishing boats.

The early 1990s saw the beginning of a period of diversification, as PIRIOU branched out into repairs and new forms of construction, starting with the jumboization of a trawler (taking it from 50m to 70m) and the construction of a 70m supply vessel for offshore oil rigs.

Always striving to remain competitive and satisfy our clients’ demands, PIRIOU embarked upon a programme of geographical strategy in the 1990s. With high-performance engineering capacities (studies, procurement, logistics) and a network of industrial facilities all over the globe, the PIRIOU Group provides clients with customised global solutions, from the design phase through construction and right up to operational maintenance during the vessel’s life span.


Key dates

  • 1965 : Piriou Freres opens in Concarneau

  • 1972 : Delivery of the ‘Revenant’, the yard’s first trawler

  • 1988 : Delivery of the ‘Grand Saint-Bernard’, first semi-industrial trawler

  • 1990 : Delivery of the ‘Cap Bojador’, first tuna fishing boat

  • 1997 : Delivery of the ‘Ulysse’, an AHTS for Oil & Gas

  • 2004 : The company opens West Atlantic Shipyard (WAS) in Nigeria

  • 2006 : The company opens PIRIOU VIETNAM in Ho Chi Minh City

  • 2011 : The company expands its activities into the defence sector

  • 2014 : The company opens ECOREP-PIRIOU in Algeria

  • 2015 : Delivery of the ‘YERSIN’, an expedition vessel

  • 2016 : Delivery of Piriou’s first vessel for the French Navy : Multipurpose Vessel d’Entrecasteaux

  • 2017 : The company opens PIRIOU REUNION & PIRIOU NGOM SENEGAL

  • 2018 : The company opens PIRIOU COTE D’IVOIRE


Our sense of commitment marks us out as an authentic, professional company determined to make our know-how count. Our strict adhesion to deadlines, the quality of our services and the technical prowess of our boats are all evidence of this commitment in action.


Our international offices ensure that we are always close to you and attentive to your needs, at every stage of the projects you entrust to our care. We know how to respond to the many and various challenges you face along the way, thanks to our detailed understanding of your requirements. Availability, listening, dialogue and cooperation are the watchwords of our professional approach.


Audacity drives all of our actions; it is the source of our dynamism.  We have roots, but we also have wings. Our combativeness and inventiveness drive us to seize every opportunity, in France and internationally. Our audacity also informs our ability to imagine made-to-measure solutions, tailored to your needs.

  • 55 Years of experience
  • 1400 Employees worldwide
  • 600 Vessels built to date
  • 290 million euros of turnover in 2022

A word from our President

Editorial :


Concarneau is a port, but also a fortified city with 1000 years of history, 1000 years of peaceful coexistence between seafarers, land-dwellers and builders. Concarneau has lived for and from the sea for centuries. People have been building boats here for over 500 years...

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  • Vincent FAUJOUR : President
  • Patrick DE LEFFE : CEO
  • Alain LE BERRE : CEO

“Thinking globally and acting locally”

This mantra is a natural fit for our group, as we continue to develop while remaining true to our values:

Changing, or rather adapting, allows us to deliver the economic, environmental and physical security that all stakeholders are entitled to expect.


Successful change management is first and foremost about taking care of the men and women who make our company what it is. The safety of our workforce, their working conditions but also training and development are key priorities for the group.   This progressive attitude makes economic sense for the Group, as well as enabling us to continuously improve our HSE performance.



The management of Health, Safety and the Environment within the Piriou Group is based on three core principles:

1. Responsibility of managers and senior executives

2. Support from dedicated personnel

3. Vigilance and transverse implementation

Continuous improvement

The Group is following the principles and tools of the ISO 9001 standard in the fields of safety and environmental protection.

In our certified subsidiaries, the continuous improvement of health and safety at work (H&S) is a performance objective in its own right, on par with our Quality targets.

Appropriate resources

All of our production facilities are staffed by personnel who are competent and trained in risk prevention.

Ample training

Safety and preventive training is a priority for all of our subsidiaries, from general risk awareness training to more specialised modules.


Our approach to environmental improvement is two-pronged, with a focus on our sites and our products.

Our sites:

In France, as well as our locations in Africa and Asia.

Our ships:

Piriou Engineering has invested in software for optimising hull design, aiming to reduce ships’ fuel consumption.

    Our next engineering goal is to reduce (or totally eliminate) the waste and gas emissions generated by vessels, optimising their energy consumption. And of course we are always investigating new ways of integrating renewable energy sources, such as on-board wind turbines and solar panels.


Priceless skills

Shipbuilding and marine repairs is a unique industrial sector, requiring a large and highly-qualified workforce. The only way to ensure a strong and stable supply of talent is to treat people with respect, with a clear commitment to training and internal career development.

As well as providing technical training, all of the Group’s companies place a strong emphasis on language learning and management training.

Managing with respect

In France, Nigeria, Vietnam and  on all of our sites, international standards on labour rights are fully respected.

Piriou Group does not employ anybody under the age of 18, even on apprenticeship schemes in order to avoid any risk of confusion (with the exception of France where, in compliance with the applicable regulations, the company does take on interns and apprentices under the age of 18).