PIRIOU NAVAL SERVICES (PNS) can handle the maintenance, repair and transformation of all sorts of vessels up to 110m, from small fishing boats to industrial trawlers, service vessels, historical vessels and pleasure craft.

Our Resources

Naval repair and maintenance

  • 1000m² of industrial facilities at the commercial port
  • 1 outpost within the naval base

Our Expertise

General maintenance: hull, machine, deck and fittings

– Preventive and corrective maintenance

– Transformation (modernisation, refitting, jumboisation, remotorisation)

External interventions (supplying specialist teams for overseas missions on a short or medium-term basis)

 We cover all aspects of naval repairs:

Hull work (steel and aluminium sheet metal work) – pipes – carpentry and wooden frames – hull careening – painting – electricity – electronics – cooling systems – air conditioning – motorisation – laser alignment – diesel maintenance – general mechanics.

ISO 9001 Certification