PIRIOU ATG ROMANIA is a 100% group subsidiary PIRIOU. PIRIOU ATG ROMANIA is located inside the free zone of Giurgiu, on the Romanian shore of the Danube in front of Bulgaria, and also owns a concession in the harbour of Constantza – on the Black Sea.

Firstly exclusively dedicated to building vessels for inland waterway shipping, ATG gradually broadened its scope in building hulls and vessels for the offshore cargo transport, harbour workboats and fishing industries. The development of the site which offers a great potential will carry on.

Nos moyens

The shipyard of Giurgiu is located on 15 Ha of land and fitted with 30 000 m² of workshops. Four 110m assembly halls communicate via a transfer area with a 110m and 3000t lifting capacity synchrolift. This synchrolift overlooks a well-protected dock that communicates with the Danube. The shipyard outfit quay is nearly 250m long.

Answering the European standards of quality management and respect for the environment, ATG has ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certifications.