Principal missions:

  • Design and installation of naval repair infrastructure

Based on our unique “Naval Store” concept – light, modular infrastructure set up in close proximity to our ship owner clients – PIRIOU SERVICES can provide a range of dry and wet dock services using the technical facilities available. We are currently working on expanding this portfolio of services and establishing a network of repair capabilities with local partners.

  • Project guidance, technical and logistical support from our “Naval Stores”

The experienced experts who staff PIRIOU SERVICES’ technical office work with our “Naval Stores” and ship owner clients to provide technical support and project management services remotely or on site, even at short notice.

PIRIOU SERVICES provides logistical support to the “Naval Stores” if the local supply chain is not up to the job. The skills and experience of our wholesale subsidiary PIRIOU NEGOCE allow us to offer integrated logistical services which cover the whole process from purchasing through to delivery, including customs formalities.

  • Managing the warranty periods of ships constructed by the PIRIOU Group

Drawing upon the logistical capacities of PIRIOU NEGOCE, the expertise of our technical office and the locations of our “Naval Stores,” PIRIOU SERVICES covers the warranty period of all ships delivered by PIRIOU shipyards, working to guarantee the satisfaction of our customers and the availability of their ships.