Piriou ingénierie


PIRIOU’s naval engineering division provides the group’s shipyards, and external clients upon request, with services covering everything from design and analysis to supplies and logistics, spanning the whole spectrum of maritime construction and repair operations.

The preparatory work is handled by our ‘Project’ and ‘General Design’ teams, while our construction facilities help to deliver the industrial aspects.

Our expertise Studies, purchasing and procurement, logistics, technical assistance.

Design office Naval architecture – stability – hull structure – layout – equipment – electrics – propulsion systems – fluid networks – marine regulations.

Software used MaatHydro (stability, form, structure) – Argos (stability) – Cadmatic (Pipe coordination and isometrics) – Autocad (Projects, structure, layout…) – Mars (BV structure) – SolidWorks (finished components) – Reva (potential flow code) – FINE/Marine (Calculs RANS)

Logistics platform 3500m²

ISO 9001 Certification