Kership Concarneau

Ships dedicated to law enforcement at sea

KERSHIP is a joint company founded in 2013 by PIRIOU and NAVAL GROUP, two experts in naval engineering, shipbuilding, military systems and services.

This partnership is based on the complementary skills and expertise of both companies:

  • PIRIOU, 55 years of expertise in civil shipbuilding,
  • NAVAL GROUP, a world leader in naval defence markets.

KERSHIP offers a range of vessels up to 95 m long for dedicated to law enforcement at sea : military navies, coastguard services, customs services, scientific institutes, etc.

Thanks to the expertise of its parent companies, KERSHIP works with and supports navies and government bodies throughout the service life of their ships, from construction to delivery, including after-sales service and In-Service Support (ISS).

ISO 9001 Certification